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Rickmann v. Platen,
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

“Our ‘department store’ offers innovative, sustainable products.”

Customers should find a better deal at freenet – that is the guiding principle behind our new organisational structure. All of this is based on our ‘department store’, which relies on a wide range of analysis. Firstly, we continuously assess our customers’ needs based on our interactions with them and build appropriate proprietary products. freenet Cloud, hosted by a German data centre, is an excellent example of this, offering exceptional quality, variability and data security, and enabling us to operate at least on a par with international competitors such as Google and Apple. Secondly, we systematically scour the market for the best products, services and suppliers among network operators, device manufacturers and across the entire digital lifestyle spectrum.

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This strategy was highly successful for us once again last year.
  • In our core Mobile Communications business, we have switched to a more medium to long-term outlook with one major network operator thanks to what are now multi-year fixed-term contracts; this enables all parties, particularly the customer, to benefit from greater predictability and sustainability.
  • We are also focusing on medium to long-term partnerships in our bricks-and-mortar retail operations; with this in mind, we extended our exclusive long-term distribution agreement with MediaMarkt and Saturn by five years.
  • Mobile communications is about much more than just voice calls, as our new “freenet Internet” product demonstrates. With this product, customers get purely app-based Internet access that can be cancelled on monthly basis and virtually unlimited volumes at a consistent, attractive price – no strings attached. freenet is planning to launch a DSL product along the same lines – one that is app-based and designed to be simple and transparent.
  • Finally, one product we sell that perfectly embodies innovation, sustainability and social responsibility is the “rephone”. Manufactured in Bocholt using green electricity, this modular smartphone features components that can be replaced easily and repaired cheaply, a backcover made from recycled plastic, and certified environmental and quality management as well as electronic waste recycling.
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